Episode 152

Abort This Texa$


October 18th, 2021

1 hr 23 mins 5 secs

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CW: Abortion - If this is a sensitive topic for you, we'd advise skipping this week.

Hi friends, welcome to The V Spot: A Survival Podcast for Best Friends! This week Professor Katt has done a boat load of research and is going to give a lesson on abortion. We'll do our damnedest to keep it light and infomative.

  • A brief history lesson featuring the Quickening
  • Racism ruins it again
  • Why the Handmaid's Tale imagry isn't the best
  • A bunch of politics makes it all worse

And as a quick note - we're using the word 'women' in the episode a lot and we just want to be clear what we mean - someone who could become pregnant, not a gender identification.

Want to donate to help with what's up in Texa$ and support healthcare for women?
The Lilith Fund
Planned Parenthood

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